Easy Nail Art Designs Using Nail Art Gel

April 26, 2018

Nail design is not an impossible undertaking. With the ideal tools and sufficient practice, anybody can do it. acrylic nail art galleries do not have to be left out of this nail art fashion because you can not manage regular touch ups. It is possible to do your own manicure at home using nail art gel.

Whatever you want to make these beautiful designs can readily be bought from online or local shops. Nail polish wholesale stores will have a vast array of tools, and so are a good place to start. It’s possible to receive every instrument you need out of a beginner or set kit.

Graceful Shellac swirls

- Apply Shellac base coat and flash cure under light for 10 seconds.
- Apply a light coat of Shellac rock royalty. Without curing, use an art brush to draw quick swirls on it, cure for 2 weeks under UV light.
- Sprinkle loose glitter on nail until you are satisfied, this will follow the inhibition coating.

Metallic garden

- Prepare the artificial nails by employing Amore Ultimate Gel bonder. Flash fix under UV light for just 20 minutes. Apply Amore Ultimate Gel pink mosaic gel round the whole nail. Cure under light for 2 minutes. If you want more coverage, repeat this step.
- Brush Amore Ultimate Cable builder unto the whole nail. Add silver and white Mylar at several spots. Heal under light for 2 minutes.
- Brush the builder again over the entire nail a second time. Together with Amore Ultimate Gel black gel, accent the design with lines.
- To add sparkle, apply Amore Ultimate Gel silver coloured pixie gel and cure for 2 minutes.
- Insert Amore Ultimate Gel sculpt and glow to the finished nail for sealing. Cure under light for two minutes. Clean up the nail. Take a lint- free mat with vinyl back and soak in isopropyl alcohol, then eliminate layer of inhibition.

Cosmic showers

- Apply Shellac foundation coat and flash cure for 10 seconds under UV light. Coat nail with a thin swipe of Shellac asphalt and cure under light for 2 minutes. Add a second coating of Shellac asphalt and fix for 2 minutes. Add some micro nice glitter into the nail beginning from the middle and spreading out to the end and borders. Glitter moves fast, be careful to just put in it where you need nail art gel to achieve.
- Add on another layer of ultrafine glitter and disperse again.
- Employ some more fine glitter concentrated on the free edge of the nail. Arrange it to look like French hints, not actually making them ideal.
- Insert hexagonal glitter discs on the nail between fine and ultrafine glitter.
- Insert a strong top coat, cure under UV light for 2 minutes. Have a lint- free mat with vinyl back and soak in isopropyl alcohol, then eliminate layer of inhibition.